Balancing mind, body, and spirit on your journey to perfect peace.
Perfect Peace Counseling Center was founded in 2010 by Michael-Renee Godfrey, RN, LPC and Amani Mungo, LPC, who were high school best friends.  Michael-Renee and Amani officially opened the doors of Perfect Peace on September 1, 2010. In 2013, they added a third partner, Alison Barreiro-Jones, LCSW and moved to a more spacious location near Marietta Square. Since that time, Michael-Renee and Amani have both earned doctorate degrees. Alison and Amani left the practice in 2018; so Perfect Peace is now under the sole leadership of Dr. Michael-Renee Godfrey.

As of May 2019, Perfect Peace has graduated over a dozen interns and now boasts six fully licensed clinicians, one life coach, and two interns.

We continue to serve the Marietta and Cobb communities - providing balance, growth, and healing to a diverse group of clients through many different therapeutic styles. We encourage you to take that first step and call for an appointment today.